RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2017 – A romantic affair

Last year’s Silver Gilt winning garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show commissioned by the Spanish Tourist Office and Turismo de Galicia was so successful that they decided to commission Rose for a second garden this year! This was a chance for Rose to really be inspired by the Galician area and the feelings that walking around the Pazo’s evoked for her. The hope being that this would inspire more people from the UK to visit this wonderful part of Spain.

This year’s garden design, “The Pazo’s Secret Garden”, celebrates the beauty of the Pazo architecture, the signature Camellia and the local Albariño wine. The scene is one of romance where nature has been allowed to reclaim the space to give it an untamed, overgrown wildness.

“Inspired by my own ramblings through pazo gardens, this is a romantic, intimate spot that also draws in memories of the wider landscape.” said Rose “At the same time, it communicates the Galician’s’ passion to share their secret with the visitor, who can also enjoy a beautiful glass of wine on this journey into the romantic, mysterious gardens of the region.”


Rich mosses, bee and insect friendly wildflowers and plants find their way into the formal architectural design, breathing life into the garden. It’s a joyful expression of how it’s OK to resist the temptation to control and to let nature back in!

You can visit Rose’s garden at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this year in the World Gardens section. Remember to snap some pictures of you and the garden and share them with Rose on Twitter @rosemcmonigall #RHSHampton

If just the sound of this lush garden has got you wishing you were whisking off to Galicia or Spain, then follow these links for more information http://www.turismo.gal or http://www.spain.info

If you don’t get a chance to visit RHS Hampton Court Flower show, don’t fret – you might be lucky enough to view this garden at Dipley Mill Gardens following the show.